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Trading robots(EA) – what is it and for what?

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How Trading Robots Can Help Make Money in Financial Markets


“- How many people do you need to make 1,000 transactions in 1 second?
– I do not know exactly, but only one EA will be needed”
Michael Zenovich



We always compete with each other, try to be higher, faster and stronger – this is part of the human nature. And in high-tech time, we created Trade Robots, Expert Advisors. You’ve definitely seen the classic of cyber-fiction films “The Matrix” and “Terminator” – these are the movies about robots, about the automation of human actions and artificial intelligence.
Except movies, we can see robots not only at exhibitions of scientific progress – everyone knows the Japanese achievements: robot-nurse, robot-cook, robot-fireman and so on. Robots have already appeared in everyday life: now you can buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, and there is a robot at Heathrow airport that provides information to air passengers.


Let’s return to Trading Robots: it all started in the stock market, when automated systems with high speed simply processed long and short trades. Further, the largest banks such as Goldman Suchs hired the best programmers from around the world to write trading algorithms to trade faster then anyone else in the world. There was a time when speed of orders execution could bring you guaranteed profit. For example, you want to buy 1000 shares #Apple, after you press the button such hight-frequency robot have time to recognize your request, buy it for himself at dark pool liquidity by other price and then sell it to you. All this process took about 0.1 of a second! Those technologies increased liquidity and the market have changed forever. In the early 2000s, the real war began with the entire Wall Street robots for the speed of order execution and trading robots became an integral part of every financial market.


Since then, little has changed, and the Commercial Robots have penetrated deeper and stronger into all corners of exchanges and now it is simply impossible to do without them. Welcome to the 21st century, friends! This is a significant advance in technology and there are many advantages in this. Robots accelerate and simplify the process of exchange trade, increase liquidity, and most importantly, make it possible to earn virtually every participant in trading. The share of Trade Robots on various exchanges has long exceeded 50%: on the London Stock Exchange, about 30% of transactions were made by Robots in 2009, and on the New York Stock Exchange from 50% to 70%, more here.
Even on the Russian stock exchange, the number of bids tends to 100%, and the trading volumes to half of the entire turnover of the stock exchange. More details here.


There is even the possibility to install the Robot on a remote virtual server (VPS) and then you can turn off your computer and not worry about stable and regular trade of your Robot, because he actually trades from a virtual computer and it allows him to earn, no matter what you do.
Since the speed of execution of trades on Forex depends mainly on the broker, it is your speed of reaction to price changes and the speed of decision making that really matters. Within a few nanoseconds, the Robot will be able to respond to the situation, open a deal and already earn a few dollars for you, while you at this time can deal with completely different things, for example, choose a new phone.


Traders communities are always arguing about what is better, to trade on your own or with EA. The advantages and disadvantages of both methods read here “Who is the best Robot or Trader?”. Our opinion: it is all up to you, try EA and make a decision.

Wish you good luck and constantly growing profits!

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